This was my “detergent and cleaning supplies” shopping weekend! And they had $5 off $25 at Dollar General AND $5 off $25 at Family Dollar! Woohoo.

Click here for FAMILY DOLLAR 9/25 trip


The computer system at Dollar General is so confusing it took 2 cashiers and about 15minutes just to check out these items. What if I had a cart full.

Spic and Span trigger all purpose 32oz  2@$1each

  • →$0.32 store discount
  • →MQ Get $1 off 2

Lysol wipes  2@$4.75each

  • →DG Instore Coupon BOGO
  • →MQ $0.50 off any2 Lysol wipes
  • I know there’s a rebate for the Lysol Dual action wipes, but I never seem to find it at DG!

Ajax $3.00

Glad Freezer bag Gallon , not included in picture. 2@$2each

  • →DG instore coupon $0.75 off 2
  • →plus $0.66 store discount

Twix snack pack 1@$1

  • →MQ Free merchandise through facebook upto $1.16 off
  • →plus I still got $0.16 store discount

Clorox bleach 1@$2

  • →There is a DG instore coupon $0.75 off 2 but I only bought 1
  • →I still got $0.33 store discount

Scotch brite 1@$3

  • →MQ $1 off 1
  • →I got 2 store discounts $0.50 each. I don’t know why!

Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner 2@ $5.00

  • →MQ $1 off 2
  • →I got store discounts $0.96 each. I don’t know why!

Scrubbing bubbles foamer 1@ $4.00

  • →MQ $0.50 off 1
  • →I got store discount $0.50 each. I don’t know why!

After all the confusion My FINAL bill was $18.42 after saving $12.60.

For some reason, the system was not able to take $5 dollars off. I got only a fraction. Plus my savings would have been more. Still not too bad though!

Let us know how they apply coupons at your regular DG.

Click here for my Family Dollar 9/25 trip.

Sincerely QponXris!
“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…Prov 23:7

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