I love the Amazon’s “app of the day deals”.
You not only get a free app, but you also get to test it. If you end up not liking it, then uninstalling it is not as painful as it would be if you had spent your hard earned $$ on it! Save $1.99. Today only!

The latest free app is Dabble.

“Game-play is easy! At the beginning, you will see 20 tiles, each with a letter and a point value. The tiles are already configured in rows, and all you have to do is drag and drop the letters to form words. As you do, the tiles turn blue and you gain points. Form all five words within five minutes or less to win. If you get stuck, you can tap the Solve button to see the solution. If you get really stuck, you can tap the restart button for a new game board.”


Free Android App of the Day from Amazon Appstore: Dabble