If you were lucky to get a $50 Secret Rewards Card from Victoria’s Secret, (Go HERE to see how you can snag one) here’s one way to stretch your buck!

STEP1: Buy one Pajama set from the Most Loved Pajamas Section. These are currently $49.50. Use code LOVESLEEP  to get $10 off, making the Pajama set $39.50. (LOVESLEEP expires Dec4, 11:59pm EST)

STEP2: Add the FREE Slippers that come with the Most Loved PJ’s (make sure you see Free slippers on the Pajama you choose). These are $25. Use code SLEEP11 making them FREE! (SLEEP11 expires Dec7, 11:59pm EST)

This should bring your total cost before taxes and shipping to $39.50.

The remaining $10.50 should be sufficient to cover Standard Shipping+Taxes. (It is for most people. Confirm Shipping+Taxes at checkout)

Be sure to confirm the terms of use of the Rewards card and the coupon codes on Victoria’s Secret Website HERE.