You can earn 90 points in the Winter section of Green Your Seasons! So, head over to RecycleBank;

Then come back and CLICK this link  to earn your 90 points! Recycle

How does RecycleBank work?

It’s really pretty simple; you select a green action you want to be rewarded for and each time they have confirmation that you’ve done it, either through a points code or by recycling, you’ll be awarded Recyclebank Points.
Green actions could be something as simple as pledging to use less gallons of water per year or turning the lights off when you leave a room!
These points can be used for rewards at local and national retailers and online or for coupons and discounts.
I especially love the high value coupons rewards options for items like Ziploc or Kashi products just to mention a few.

Another fun way to earn points is by inviting friends to JOIN RecycleBank . You will get 10 points for each friend who joins through your unique referral link.

Click HERE to Join and start earning and saving!