Blogelina 2nd Ever Scavenger Hunt Twitter Party
Published Jan 21, 2012

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5 Goals for my Blog
Published Jan 11, 2012

I realize that writing down goals helps me to visualize them better.
It also gives me something to refer back to so I can measure my progress.
I will also have a starting point that I can build as I set my goals and milestones.
1. Here are My Blog Goals for the week Jan8-14.

  • Transfer my blog to

  • Go over a few designs and pick the best for my improved site. Try to stay as close to the current layout as possible.

  • Set up the Web hosting so I can take advantage of the FREE 1-yr Webhosting I got from Blogelina.

  • Streamline the categories for a better organization and flow of the content.

  • Connect with my classmates in Blogelina’s FREE Blogging for Beginner’s Class.

One tip I got about goals is to make them as specific as possible. I will keep it short, so I can get started.