The most important step in “couponing”  is finding out what the coupon policy is for the store you wish to visit.

Since physically visiting each store might be cumbersome, I have a few links her that can be used.

Disclaimer: The policies  might not be current. I am not involved in the process used to come up with these policies. I am just providing a link to the retailer’s website. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the customer service department of the relevant store.

I will add more stores as time goes by.

Albertsons Acceptance  Coupon Policy

CVs Coupon Policy

Publix Coupon Policy

Rite Aid Coupon Acceptance Policy

Target Stores Coupon Policy

Target Price Matching policy

Walgreens Coupon Policy

Walmart Coupon Policy

Walmart Ad Match guarantee. I watched a very informative video on myfrugaladventures about how to  extreme coupon with price matching at Walmart